6 Common Limousine Etiquettes That You Need To Know

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Who doesn’t love limousine rides? Riding in one can be the best experience of life.Luxurious, beyond comfy, and something grand – isn’t it? However, there are few etiquette rules that you need to follow all through the ride for a memorable trip down the lane. Get them correct and embrace your Detroit trip with the best limo in the city.

#1 Respect your chauffeur

Each and every driver of Detroit airport car service deserves your respect. Do not scream at him, do not ask him to over speed, or do not blame him unnecessarily for traffic delays. In case you find any issues with your car or service, you should call the provider. If you trouble your driver,it will be difficult for him to do his job amidst the city traffic. You can talk to the person, be respectful and polite, and let him do his job of driving you from one place to another.

#2 Get in and out in the right way

Passengers should adhere to proper etiquette to get in and out of the limousine. Never smash the car door when getting in and out of the limousine. Always allow your chauffeur to open the door for you. Slide smoothly to the seat and enjoy your ride. Airports have heavy traffic; so, always watch for other cars when getting in and out of the limousine

#3 Control your party

Party hard but know your limits. You should never do anything illegal in a limousine. If you want to drink alcohol or wine in a limousine on your birthday party or special occasion, ask them if the company is approved provider. You can always ask for special music requests or your favorite song. Enjoy the trip and make your limousine ride a memorable experience.

#4 Do not damage the car

You should always act responsibly when travelling in a limousine. Limousine companies do inspect vehicles before and after each rental     . Additional fees could be charged for damage related to cleaning, burn, seat tear off, broken mirrors or other interior damage. You should always read damage policy before booking a limousine

#5 Be punctual

Whether you are coming from the airport or you are going back to the airport via a limo, you should always try to be on scheduled pick up time. Limousine companies do keep track of flights for pick-ups from the airport. In case of flight cancellations or missed flights,always contact your limo service provider. At the airport, limo drivers have designated spots where they wait. Always contact your provider, if you have trouble locating the driver.

#6 Tip your chauffeur

Most passengers do tip chauffeurs for good service. The standard tipping range is 15-20%. Chauffeurs highly appreciate the tips they receive. Keeping these limousine etiquette in mind will definitely enhance your limo experience.

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