Four Good Reasons to Avoid Parking at the Airport

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Parking at the airport to kick start your vacation is not without some serious risks. Not only can parking be away from your actual flight, but these parking lots may not even be safe or secure. The rates for parking your car can be pretty hefty as well, especially at Detroit Metro Airport.

Rather than park by yourself at the airport, you should instead hire car service from Detroit airport that can get you to your flight safely, and then right back home without worrying about what happens to your car. Here are the top reasons why you don’t want to bother parking at the airport.

Lack of Security

While many parking lots claim to have around the clock security, most of them do not have a fence or any other means of keeping people at bay. Truth be told, one guard at the front gate is not ideal for watching over dozens of different cars at once. Theft still occurs despite these security measures, and it certainly isn’t something that you would want to worry about while you are on your trip.


You have likely needed to park your car in a parking garage and had to pay a fee, but if you are leaving for a couple days or more, you can expect to pay hundreds of dollars just for leaving your car in the lot. If you are looking for successful ways to minimize costs, it is a good idea to leave your car at home and hire a car service from Detroit airport.

Parking Availability

Some parking lots have gotten with the times and have implemented online reservations, so that you can reserve a spot online in advance. While that’s all good, many parking lots don’t mention how many spaces are available, so while you can book a parking space online, it isn’t a guarantee that you will even get a free space when you drive around the entire lot looking for it.

The feeling that people get when they cannot find an available space is infuriating, especially when they need to make their flight.

Waste of Time

If you decide to leave your car in an airport parking lot, it is still a long walk away from the airport and if your flight is taking off soon, you will have to plan accordingly and take a shuttle in order to get to the airport with as much time to spare as possible. Some parking lots only feature shuttles that run every hour or half an hour, so you have to be on time or you will not get your shuttle when you need it. If there is no shuttle to be found, this can really throw a monkey wrench into your plans. Even if you do get a shuttle, however, there is the process of loading and unloading your luggage that takes some time to do, too.

By having a private car take you to the airport and then take you home when you return, you won’t have to worry about leaving your car in a public parking lot. Your car will be safe at home, for free of charge, and you won’t have to worry about finding a place to park it or waste time in doing so. You also do not need to worry about walking to the airport a long distance by foot or having to deal with looking for and boarding a shuttle. Car service is proven to be highly convenient, affordable, and worry free, especially when you need to get to the Detroit Metro Airport.

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