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Motion sickness is a common problem which is experienced by many people. It happens when a person feels dizzy or light headed while travelling in car, bus, airplane, ship etc. Even though the symptoms of motion sickness are temporary, it can take the fun out of your travelling plans because it can leave a person completely exhausted. It happens when there is an imbalance between various sensory systems of a body. The symptoms of motion sickness such as headache, vomiting, sweating etc. happen when the brain is unable to process signals which are being received from different parts of the body.

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These conflicting signals can confuse the brain and the resulting symptoms can exhaust a person completely until the vehicle comes to a complete rest. A person sitting in the rear side of the vehicle is more prone to motion sickness. In large buses or vehicle the brain may not be able to process various conflicting signals which may cause motion sickness. Some people suffer from extreme form of motion sickness which can lead to acute loss of fluids from the body.

Prevention is better than cure. This holds true for motion sickness as well. Some passengers who are aware of their problem of motion sickness should utilize some preventive measures. Over the counter medication is available for people who suffer from frequent episodes of motion sickness. When commencing a long journey, motion sickness can be prevented by the use of medicated patches which are readily available in all drug stores.

Ginger flavored tablets can also be taken to prevent motion sickness. It is advisable for people with motion sickness to drink plenty of fluids before the journey and to eat something light that is easily digestible. Reading while travelling may trigger motion sickness because it can send mixed signals to the brain. It is a good idea to stock up these things beforehand and carry them along with you in person so that you have easy access to them in case of an emergency. Try to eat light meals on the airplane and avoid anything that you know can induce indigestion or nausea.

If you suddenly experience motion sickness while travelling in an airport taxi, there are a few things that can be done to alleviate the symptoms. Drink fluids which are electrolyte- rich such as a sports drink, ginger ale or lime soda. Such drinks help an upset stomach. If you can, look and focus on the outside view or open the airport taxi window. The feel of air on the face can help alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness. A non medicinal cure can be found in the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture. At a distance of three fingers downwards from the wrist, press lightly.

This can help in establishing regular blood circulation and help to a certain extent in diminishing the symptoms of motion sickness. For people who frequently get motion sickness, special medicinal bands are available that can be worn while travelling to suppress the symptoms.

While travelling in an airport taxi in Detroit, you can take precautionary measures before you start. This way your journey can be more comfortable and you can relax without it becoming unmanageable. Motion sickness can be dealt with in advance with the precautionary measures mentioned above. In case even after using all the measures, the symptoms still flare up, you can ask your airport taxi driver to pull up the vehicle for a while. The airport taxi driver will stop the vehicle till the time you feel fine enough to carry on with your journey.

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