Reasons why Metro Airport Limo Service is better than Ride Sharing

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Ride sharing is popular yet sceptical. Ride Sharing services, even though a big player in the transportation industry, seems struggling at the moment. From safety issues to high rates, Ride sharing is facing an uphill battle to win the trust of the people and which is why more and more people are opting for professional chauffeur service providers like – Metro Link Sedans.

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are technological based companies which does not own maintain fleet of its own. On the contrary, Metro Link Sedans is primarily a transportation company which owns and maintain their fleet. Professional Chauffeur services can ensure better vehicle quality and passenger safety compared to ride share services.

Several factors outweigh Professional Chauffeur services over Ride Share services. Listed below are 2 important factors:

Specialized Services

You can choose a specific car brand or vehicle type. We do provide signature meet and greet services at the airport. Our drivers can meet passengers by baggage claim area holding their name sign. We provide city tours, casino packages and accommodate transportation for special occasions such as wedding or graduation based on your needs. We also accommodate requests for specific child seats or amenities in the car. Specific beverage treats can be provided on request. This kind of personalized service is almost next to impossible to get from an app driven airport taxi company.


Lately safety is fast becoming one of the major factors that is forcing people to stop relying on app-based transportation services. Since these app-based taxi companies have no direct control over repair and maintenance of their vehicles. Moreover, rideshare drivers barely get any training on customer interaction, safety or customer care; which is why people face issues with app-based drivers.

At Metro Link Sedans, we give utmost attention to passenger safety which is why we conduct thorough background and personality test of each driver we hire. Our chauffeurs are well trained to ensure a happy and stress-free journey ahead.