Why Book A Limo Ride Instead Of Getting A Taxi


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If driving to the airport, a wedding, or another city is not possible for you, then you likely only have two options: Ride in a taxi, or book limo services. In many cases, people opt to ride in a taxi, and think that they’re saving money. Contrary to popular belief, however, you can save even more money by having a limo drive you, as well as enjoy many other benefits that limos have to offer.

Here are a few reasons why you should book a limo ride from a Detroit airport car service instead of wave down a taxi cab.


Right from the bat, the accessibility of taxis is greatly restricted. Taxis are only available in urban areas, so the only chance you have at getting a taxi is by finding one in the city, and this is not the most time-conscious option if you need to get somewhere right away, such as the airport. If you don’t live in the heart of Detroit, it might not be possible to have a taxi come to your home to pick you up. And even if you do live right downtown, you are not even sure when you can find a vacant taxi.

But things are different with Detroit airport car services. When you book your limo ride, your limo will await you right outside your home or apartment. They will come to your address and pick you up right from your home without you having to go anywhere yourself. This way, you can go right to the airport or anywhere else you need to be.


Most taxi cabs come in sedans only. If you are going away on a trip and need to get many large luggage bags at the airport, you can expect not much room to work with. If you are on your way to a party and have more than 3 people, you know that a taxi isn’t an option, either. Limos, as we all know are large, roomy, and can fit all your luggage or friends, so you can enjoy your ride with all the people or things that matter to you. You have plenty of room to rest before a you prepare for travelling or partying.


Taxi cabs are pretty basic, with the primary goal of being a vehicle that just gets passengers from point A to point B. Cleanliness, condition, and other qualities of the car are secondary when the goal is to get as much fare as possible in one day. We do not mean that every taxi isn’t clean and safe to ride in, but this solely depends on the person driving it.

On the other hand, limos offer many benefits over taxis. These limos from car and limo services are always clean and are in tip top condition. Other benefits you should expect from a limo ride include air conditioning, plenty of leg room, and Wi-Fi accessibility. Your experience should be nothing short of positive when all it said and done, when you book a limo.


Fees for taxis are determined by time and distance. As rates fluctuate based on the time of day and how far you will go, you won’t know how much you need to pay until you arrive. This is a risk on money that you do not need to take. Limo services on the other hand, should issue you a quote of what you need to pay before you do so. No matter how long your ride is, you pay the same price.

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